Solving 403 problems with Sourceforge Subversion

After having had severe problems when committing to the Sourceforge Subversion repos, I stumbled upon what appears to be the solution. The problem was that in the middle of a commit, one file or directory would fail with a 403 (permission denied). In desperation, I would chop up the change set and commit little pieces at the time, until only the ones with problems remained. I would then perform desperate unnamed actions with these until they eventually were committed. Pretty nerve-wrecking, time-consuming, and unproductive stuff. The worst part is that if you split the change set, you could end up splitting a move operation, which is basically a copy and a delete. Say that you commit the delete operation successfully first. Then you try to commit the copy, which will fail with a 404 (not found), since the stuff it tries to copy has been deleted. There are ways around it, but I won’t describe them here. Horrible stuff.

I had seen somewhere that you could get the 403 error if you were using SSL (which I was) and the Sourceforge server The correct server is the, where PROJECTNAME in my case was springframework. So the correct URL to use is This meant changing the checkout URL, which Subversion can do on an already checked-out working copy, using the switch command. Cool. When I tried this, it failed because it couldn’t find the new server. The problem was that the DNS servers I was using at some point didn’t find this server, and probably cached this negative hit. Eventually I found a DNS that could locate this server and performed the switch. Things have been working much better since.

Using the incorrect server, which most likely is a proxy server of some sort, could possibly have resulted in different physical servers being used for different requests during the Subversion transaction. It’s not allowed to perform a svn copy operation between repositories. You’ll get a 403 if you try it. Perhaps that rule applied to my situation as well.

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