Running Selenium RC with Firefox 3

After running into proxy errors attempting to run Selenium tests with Opera 9.62 and being unable to install Firefox 2 on Ubuntu 8.10 (unsatisfied package dependencies..) I finally ran into this gem:


On windows I succeeded to run Selenium RC and Firefox 3 using the following steps

1. run firefox in profilemanager mode (“pathtofirefox.exe” -profilemanager)
2. create new profile (e.g. selenese) with a specific path (e.g.a directory in your workspace)
3. open this new profile from within the profile manager and change the proxy settings within firefox (localhost:4444 or change accordingly in case your selenium RC server runs on a different port)
4. use the following browser string within Selenium RC: *custom pathtofirefox.exe -no-remote -profile pathtoprofileselenese

I had to enable popups for the profile, but other than that.. the solution seems to work fine on ubuntu as well!

Edit: Here’s a different work-around. I haven’t tried it, but it does have the benefit of a generic browser path.

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  1. Sandi

    tried to impliment ur concept ,but failed…
    i am already sorrounded by a proxy which is laid down by where i if i create a profile with the selenium proxy…throws me a error ..cannot open the browser.

    Any other ideas..

    1. Joakim Back

      Hello Sandi,

      I have no experience with your particular problem.
      Perhaps if you are more specific someone else can help you.. but no promises.

  2. Abhijit

    Your posting looks promising … I am facing a similar issue … can you please elaborate the last step ?

  3. Chhabs

    I am also facing the similar issue and i am sure most of the guys are facing this problem.

    What actually the problem ?

    Company has its own proxy setting says / 8080
    To surf internet one has to change the browser settings to above one and then only he can surf internet.

    Now whenever we launch a new browser says mozilla with RC then it launches with localhost:4444 where the selenium RC server is running so we will not be able to surf anything.

    Humble request for all who knows the answer to resolve this any help is greatly appreciated.


  4. Balaji Manoharan

    Include argument ” -interactive” after Selenium jar file path.
    for me running in firefox

  5. VIgne


    is it like this ?
    String sBrowserType=”*custom “c:firefox.exe”;
    where firefox.exe is in say c: for says failed to start new browser..can you please list how to give a sample path…

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