PowerMock 1.0 released

We have released 1.0 of PowerMock just in time for the Øredev conference! PowerMock is an open source mock framework based on EasyMock that allow you to mock static methods, private methods and even constructors. Our intent is mainly to allow unit testing of legacy code and people really seemed to appreciate this idea at the conference.

We now think that the API is stable enough and we have also tested PowerMock in a couple of projects, but of course since we were presenting at the conference it is no coincidence that we released PowerMock 1.0 just days before. :-)

The details of the changes can be found in the changelog but here are some of the highlights since PowerMock 0.8:

  • The ability to set and get internal state based on an object type. This means that you get more refactor friendly code while still being able to set internal state.
  • Implemented replayAll and verifyAll. These can be used to replay and verify all mocks created by PowerMock without having to explicitly specify each and everyone. Thanks to Ivar Grimstad for suggesting this!
  • Added support for specifying parameter types for expectNew. Mocking constructor calls is a unique feature of PowerMock that people typically find very cool!

During the conference I talked to several people and got really good feedback. Everybody seemed to like the idea of being able to unit test legacy code and code that haven’t been designed for testing. Kevlin Henney made a good job of defining and describing various types of unit testing during his talk at Øredev and we talked about the difference between essentially untestable code and accidentally untestable code. PowerMock solves the problem with code being untestable for technical reasons (part of the accidentally untestable). With all the great sessions and good discussions Øredev was yet again a great experience!

I have made the slides from the presentation available at powermock.org. Note that the demo we showed was actually from the trunk and not from the 1.0 release!

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  1. Hi,

    I watched your recorded presentation at Oredev. Interesting presentation.
    By the way, I did find your slides as pdf, but could not find the demo code
    you guys presented. Where can I find that ?

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