Honoring our Industry Gurus

The Halmstad office where I belong is a quite nice place to be. It’s clean, there are five desks and a sofa, and… yeah, that’s about it. Practical but perhaps a bit boring.

We have these white and rather dull walls with nothing but whiteboards hanging on them so we figured, what could we do to make it look better, more inviting and inspiring? Yeah, you could go with these modern wall stickers, which are easy to work with and looks good but not very personal, really. Could we do something that more connects to what we do for a living?

It took some time to get to it but finally we came up with the idea to depict the people in our industry that have meant something to us, that have made our lives as developers easier. Simply put; gurus. We finally went for the “Warhol Marilyn Monroe” way as the form of how we would portrait these gurus, which would both be quite easy but also colourful and warm.

As there is only room for some five’ish paintings or so in our office, we had to really cut tight in the selection of whom to choose for our paintings. Asking the other Jayway offices revealed quite a lot and brainstorming ourselves resulted in too many, really. The final five was finally set to (in alphabetic order, to be safe) Joshua Bloch, Thomas Dagsberg, James Duncan Davidson, James Gosling and Rod Johnson. Thomas Dagsberg, you ask? It’s our CEO…

Fabulous Five Honored by Jayway Gosling watching over us
Rod is backing up Paintings and suitable literature Thomas - Man in the middle

The paintings were digitally produced using Gimp with a 180ppi resolution on a MacBook Pro. They were printed and framed on a 700x700x15mm format on high quality canvas by Kanfoto produktion & försäljning in Halmstad.

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