Jayway, 1Scale1 and Österportskolan getting kids into electronics

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on Tuesday, 23 kids and two teachers from Österportskolan in Malmö, Sweden, went to Malmö Högskolan to get first hand experience with advanced multitouch technology research, see real laser cutters in action, look at 3D printers and break apart old electronics from the school.

1Scale1 coverage

It was an amazing experience to see the kids play 20-finger-games, soldier, cut, bend and slice open stuff and see inside old stuff to discover a lot of reusable parts.

Everyone got a laser-cut MDF keyring with Goofy on it, and we got lots of magnets, loudspeakers, key pads, mirrors and switches for later use in a “build from scratch” session :)

For a fast result, we built a very easy Walkie-Talkie by just wiring together two loudspeakers – it actually worked!

Thanks for making this possible Jayway, 1Scale1 and Österportskolan – the kids loved it and we think this could certainly be a stepping stone to the goal of getting more young engineers into higher education!

Thanks to all involved – David, David, Jannike, Elisabeth and my wife Marie.

We will submit this even to OnceUponASchool.org, thanks TED and Dave Eggers for the inspiration and stay tuned!

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  1. jannike

    Mycket trevligt Peter!
    Tack för att vi fick komma! Och tack för en rolig och lärorik fm!
    Mvh jannike & Elizabeth

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