Maven, FindBugs and Dashboard Reports

There are a few simple steps to get nice graphic presentations of FindBugs results using Maven.

First, to enable FindBugs reporting in Maven, just add report section to your pom files, something like example below, but of course, you can do your own configuration.


Then you can just use command mvn site if you want to generatemore comprehensive project information or mvn findbugs:findbugs for only FindBugs reports.

Finally use mvn dashboard:dashboard to generate charts.

Voila. We have got nice graphic reports.
Well, not so nice. We have bugs we need to fix.

FindBugs report charts

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    1. Davor Crnomat

      I am glad Sune you found it useful.

    1. Davor Crnomat

      Thank you shriny. I will try sonar.

  1. john

    How to export it can you explain clearly in netbeans?
    Thanks in advance

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