HP Laserjet 1020 in OS X Snow Leopard

I’ve got 3 different types of Mac computers at home, running Snow Leopard, and on each computer I’ve had the need to print stuff using my HP Laserjet 1020 model. Each time I used a new computer I realised that there is no built-in support for the printer and each time I had forgot the steps of getting it to work. This time I figured I better blog about it, maybe someone else also have the same problem.

Step 1, getting the drivers.

  1. Go to the Apple support page, click on the ‘Download’ button. Be aware that the file is about 350MB.
  2. Install the drivers.

Step 2, select the driver

  1. Turn on the printer and connect it to the Mac.
  2. Open the printer preference page, press the ‘+’ button to add the printer.
  3. In the ‘add printer’ dialog, make sure that the printer is visible. Open the driver list.
  4. Select HP Laserjet 1022, but not the gutenberg version.

The steps above should do the trick.

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  1. David Foo

    Thanks for the info. Had to jump through insane hoops to print under all previous OS X releases.

  2. Harvey Kahl

    Thanks, Tobias. My 1020 has been a useless paperweight since Snow Leopard. HP is foiled again in its wish that Mac users not be able to use the 1020. Apparently they want us to buy a more expensive printer than the 1020, which is a great little basic monochrome laser. If you want a good printer for Mac, buy a Brother. If you already own a 1020, now you can use it again!

  3. Florin

    Dudeeeee!!!! THANK YOU!!!!


  4. Isadora Chai

    Hi Tobias,
    Thank you so much for putting this up. I have been spending MONTHS trying to find the software and also looking through various forums who have unanimously given up. Looking at the responses you have within the past THREE days, I am glad that I am not the only one facing this problem!
    I do have a niggly problem of being able to print wirelessly from my Macbook as the printer is connected to a Windows XP desktop and was told that I would have to buy a Printer Router if I wanted to print wirelessly from both PCs and Macs. What are your thoughts on this?


  5. Tobias Södergren

    Hi Isadora, I am no expert on printer routers so I cannot help you there.

  6. Thank you very much. I was going on hours trying to figure this out since it did work with my other Mac that was running 10.5x. I am no sharing all of my printers off my Mac and I don’t need to try to purchase any print server software of hardware since this solution works with Bonjour.

  7. Avid

    Your first apple link to the printer drivers is dead.

  8. F

    Thanks mate!
    Apple link is not needed anymore. 1022 driver is included in recent versions of OS X.

  9. a

    you are delicious!!! thank you!

  10. a

    Worked. I bought my MacBook Pro recently and did not need Step 1.

  11. Courtney

    I get as far as selecting HP LaserJet 1022, from the software menu, but then my add button doesn’t work. What am I missing?

  12. scott

    I was hopeful as I have 10.6.4 and I followed the instructions but there is no driver for the 1020 available in the add menu. Any thoughts?

  13. scott

    Wow. I tried again and it worked after a restart. I cant tell you how thankful I am….I would have been really upset to have to waste a perfectly good printer.

  14. DIOGO

    Thank you!!! Nowbody in Brasil solved the bug…..

  15. Temple of Zen

    All I can say is thank you for being good at what you do. I was getting quite frustrated since I have been out of town for work exchange for almost a year. I came back only to discover this madness. I was about to repackage the printer until I came across your site. The fix is flawless!

  16. Audrey

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Been trying for days to get this thing running. So appreciated your expertise! Much happiness and success to you.

  17. shelley

    Thank you so much for this info. I was copying to a thumb drive, and then to an old gasping PC. You are very kind!

  18. shelley

    Thank you so much for this. Very helpful. I had an old PC rigged up to my trusty HP Laserjet 1020 and was having to copy to a thumbdrive… and deal with formatting inconsistencies. You are so kind to share this info!

  19. kurt

    used the steps described and it worked great but i have one problem, when i hit print it takes a very long time (five minutes or more) for the printer to respond. any hints, thanks

  20. Marcello

    Thanks for this info. I picked up a Macbook Pro for my wife and thought we would not be able to print on our HP 1020. After using the link you provided, the Macbook Pro prints on the HP 1020 like a champ. You rock!

  21. Alexis

    It worked! Thank you so much!!!

  22. Rhonda

    Thank you so much – Worked like a charm!!

  23. Atan

    Thanks for posting this. I have been having problem installing this printer driver for so long and this link solved my problem! thanks.

  24. Mrs

    Mange tak fra USA!

  25. Recai

    super!!! I did not believe it could work, but it did. Thanks so much for this absolute solution.

  26. brandt

    Any way we can delete the unnecessary driver files and simply keep the one for the 1020, or is that simply wishful thinking? 450mb is HUGE for driver files!! Thanks for this info btw :)

  27. Mickey

    I have an XP with 1020 and shared it in local.
    after trying this driver…
    It takes some time then it prints!!

    Mickey from Taiwan

  28. Mickey

    I choose (HP Laserjet 1022,, then reboot Mac and 1020,
    then it works!!

  29. Dre

    Thank you for posting this! You helped me out big time.

  30. Sherry

    Tobias you are so da man! Thank you soooo much!

  31. Djmuckel

    whow, hope that many people will find only this link. I searched a long time…..Thanks a lot!

  32. David

    This solution works under Snow Leopard – thanks !!

  33. Mark

    Finally it worked, thank you for that :-)

  34. Bob

    Thanks this has finally made my laser printer work! However it takes a long time for it to print, any ideas?

    1. Hi Bob. No, I’m just happy that I could use my printer again and I haven’t looked into any details.

  35. niccy

    I chose the P2055dn because of auto-duplexing and the standard 128MB of RAM. I was initially disappointed by the poor print quality and noise of the printer with the factory default settings. After digging into the clunky, digital-only manual and much trial and error, I created new HP Printing Shortcuts for 1-sided and 2-sided documents with ProRes quality instead of the default FastRes quality, and I set the default Printing Shortcut to be my new 1-sided definition.See Here: HP Officejet Printer

  36. Josie

    OMG thank you so much! took me soooo long to find a solution that i wanted to cry! You rock!

  37. Rodrigo Figueroa

    Thanks thanks thanks!!!! After searching and trying a LOT of procedures, this is the only I have found that works.

  38. Simon

    Thanks for the tip – the only bit worth adding is that the driver is specifically HP Laserjet 1022, in the Mac Os printer utility.
    I need to raise the quality of output print to make it darker but cannot find a simple way in to do this – also the supply levels button has no available information – any suggestions please?

    1. Hi Simon, I am just happy that I got anything out of the printer again so I cannot help you there.

  39. inkjet printer

    yes you are right many people are facing the same problem and i was one of them before reading this post. Please keep doing these type of helpful stuff.

  40. Peggy

    Thank you!!! I tried numerous options, this one finally did it :-)).

  41. Marcin

    you are the best! thank you!

  42. Ryokan

    You have the best and simplistic directions on how to install a HP 1020 laser printer. You’re the BOMB DUDE! Much easier than any other time I had to install the printer. Makes me happy I got this laser printer now. Keep up the great work.

  43. Atan

    Best solution by far. I was wondering why HP doesn’t even have the updated driver since it is posted on apple website as well. Anyway, i am happy with the solution. Thanks!

  44. Karla

    Thanks, that was v. helpful.

    The dwn is 450M though…


  45. N


    While I was able to install the printer driver and everything seems to be working in theory (documents are sent to the printing queue and seem to be printed normally), the printer itself does not print anything!

    Anyone encountered the same problem?

    I’m running OS X 10.6.7

    thanks for any hint

    1. Tobias Södergren

      Hi N, have you tried power-cycle the computer and the printer?

      I guess you have, just checking…


  46. John Monro

    Thanks. It works!! I have been managing to print through my daughter’s iMac on an earlier Mac OS X , but she’s now left home. The saga of the HP 1020 has been so frustrating, HP insists that this printer was never intended for Mac OS X, but why then was there a big “Mac Compatible” on the box, that’s why I bought it. The work-arounds were fine though until Snow Leopard.

  47. pheakin

    i use the max os x 10.6.7,it works well!

  48. HImanshu Mahajan

    Great work. It worked in the first time only.

    Mahajan Inc.

  49. Saul Rosenberg

    I’ve been trying forever, half a dozen guides from different sites, and this is the first one that worked. Thank you, thank you, thank you! <3Sweden<3

  50. Tim Howell

    I too thought I had a dead 1020 printer after moving to Mac. Tried loads of other tricks ‘n’ tips but none worked or were as easy as your method. Yes it worked first time. Thank you so much

  51. Paul

    Thank you so much for blogging about it!

  52. Marie

    Thank you!!! I had spend all day trying to connect my new iMac to a wireless HP 7400 printer. My iMac could see the printer, but not print. Other Macs on the network could print. Extremely frustrated until I finally found your advice. Downloaded and installed the drivers, then hit command P to print a test document, chose the printer from “nearby printers” from the drop down and instant success. I can’t thank you enough for your blog and just wanted to say that it worked for another HP printer as well.

  53. Kevin S.

    Any updates on getting this to work with Lion?

  54. Aleksandar

    It is so great that You shared this with us :) You saved another HP LJ 1020 printers life:)

  55. Andreas

    Kevin. I tried to transfer my HP Laserjet 1022, PPD manually to Lion to the same location on the hard drive. That failed. Anyone else?

  56. pmcarrion

    This also applies for Lion:
    Download and install HP drivers from Apple’s website.
    Add printer, select LaserJet 1020, select printer software, type 1022 in the search field, press OK and add the 1020 printer to Lion.
    Works flawlessly.

  57. CEE202

    Thank you so much, this is very helpful for OS X Lion. i selected the 1022 driver for my 1020 printer and its working!

  58. Jochem

    Hi Tobias: Have you tried to get this printer to work with a Mac OS X Lion? Jochem

  59. Jochem

    Sorry should have read the comments properly first. Thanks!

  60. dan

    updated for os x lion on a macbook air:

    1 – download the giant hp 2.7 driver dmb listed above (500mb)
    2 – install
    3 – plug in printer, go to system preferences
    4 – add your printer, selecting the hp 1022 software from the newly installed hp drivers
    5 – works like a charm

  61. JC

    You are hereby nominated for geek of the year!

  62. MW

    Many thanks for this! Had no problem getting the 1020 to work with Lion with this workaround. Corporate greed is no match for Geek Power. Saved me several hundred bucks on a new printer.

  63. Alexander

    Great! Now HP 1020 works in Lion, even connected over network via Time Capsule.

  64. Philgin

    for Lion (at least that’s where I did this):
    NO NEED to download the entire 500mb file..
    1. Install your printer using the built in 1022 v1.2 printer driver
    2. Hit Software Update and install..
    3. You’re done. You’re driver is now 1.3 or later ;)

    Thanks Tobias for giving me the idea of using 1022 driver..

  65. Sara G

    Thanks so much for these instructions – they work beautifully! One question though – is anyone else having issues printing double sided? The button for two-sided printing seems to be grayed out.

    Thanks again!

  66. Marvelous

    Thank you very much for your blog post, Tobias! I just followed your above instructions on both a Snow Leopard MacBook Pro and a Lion MacBook Pro, and it works like a charm! Your blog post saved our family a lot of money because we did not need to go out and buy new printers to work with our Snow Leopard and Lion Macs!

  67. Meow Meow

    U are the best, you save my printer’s life… haha.. good job!!!!!

  68. Preps

    1.5 year later and still works this tip, great!!

    You’d help me to fix my boss’s new Macbook air with Lion

    Best regards

  69. peter


    much appreciated.


  70. Srini

    Thanks. Saved my day.

  71. Nicolas

    y r the best my friend

  72. ruborg

    Thanks a lot! I tried several methods I found in different websites but none of them worked. After following your instructions my Snow Leopard managed to print out its first document! Regards.

  73. madcato

    Thank you very much. It woks perfectly on my Lion.

    I think that I will never use my HP Laserjet 1020 anymore.

  74. chris herbert

    i thought that i would have to buy a new printer but now….it’s alive! thanks to you!

  75. Philippe

    Thank’s a lot, i was looking for a way to make it work for so long ;)

  76. Alist

    thanks for your info.

    Confirmed this method works in OS Lion !

  77. Cihan Ertan

    I am pretty new to use MacBook Pro and I could have been using my Hp 1020. I followed your instructions and I am able to use it right now. Thanks a lot!

  78. eva novak

    thank you so much for this clear & elaborate supervision tobias ! i am very happy !!!! all worked fine

  79. jcbaz

    I have a os x 10.6.8 and it doesn’t work. It worked in the past with previous version but not with this one. Too bad. Anyone with 10.6.8 managed to make it work?

  80. Dave Gould

    Thank you, thank you! Works great with my MacBook Air!

  81. Ronald

    After following the steps, I could print if the HP1020 is directly connect to the MacBook Pro OS Lion. How I could not make it work through a home network:

    HP 1020 connected to a Vista: Print job start on the MacBook Pro can be seen on the Vista’s print que, but it just sits there.

    If I reboot my Vista, it will print out automatically after the Vista is back.
    Any help will be appreciated.

  82. Ronald

    More on the last post

    I have tried to reboot Mac, HP1020.
    Also reboot Vista is needed every time to print something from Mac.

  83. Kate

    You saved me :)
    Thank you so much !

  84. Manuel

    Thanks for the support! The HP staff are still thinking that you can’t use 1020 with mac… :)

  85. Christian

    Had the printer running on Lion before I reinstalled my iMac. You saved me a lot of time to find out again…. Thank you!

  86. Bart


    Worked like a charm on my HP1020.

    for Lion 10.7.2 driver HP Laserjet 1022,

    Thank You!!!

  87. Umer

    it works like a magic……
    thanks Tobias

  88. Adam

    Dear Sir, you are the man.

  89. Mr Ozing

    Thank you so very much! Works like a gem!

  90. Moema

    Thank you so much! You’ve made my week!

  91. Rafael

    Man, it worked perfectly with my MAC OS X 10.7.2. I selected the driver of hp 1022 to my 1020 printer. Very good tip, HP drove me crazy when it said it does not support hp 1020 for MAC OS.

  92. Ryan

    Thanks Tobias!! This worked for me!! Running Lion 10.7 on Mac Book Pro.

  93. Heather

    How can I get it to print wirelessly? I am on a Mac Pro. Thanks!

  94. Chris

    The link to Apple seems to be broken. Any other place I can get it?

  95. Chris

    Please forgive, but I’m a new Mac convert (Lion 7.3) The file that I downloaded, is here:
    Is this just an installer for the full download? When I click on the .dmg file (~4.3MB) it acts as if it is installing the drivers but upon adding the HP 1020 printer, the Mac recognizes it, but when I click on which software to use, the 1022 that I downloaded doesn’t come up. Please help. Thanks!

  96. cacatman

    Thanks so much for this. I have 2 of these printers. You just saved my bacon!

  97. Pablo

    Thanks a billion, you’re a miracle.

  98. Neil

    Worked great on my Mac Mini. FYI the newest printer driver package from HP is nearly 700 MB installed. Yikes.

  99. albert

    WOW that worked like a charm, thanks for the post!

  100. tom

    Works like a charm! Thanks!

  101. jorge

    very good info,I could do work my hp laserjet 1020 in 1st time //thanks friend
    jor de argentina

  102. Chris

    Thanks for the effort!
    However, this manual only works partly for me – after I installed my 1020 in Lion 10.7.3 it is only printing one or two pages and then stalls. I have to turn it off and on again and am then able to print one or two more pages before stalling again.

    Does anyone have an idea how to solve this problem?

  103. Graham

    Thanks mate, that worked for me!

  104. Aftab Qayoom

    Dear Tobias,

    Thx a million buddy … may you have many grandkids !!!


    Downunder in Australia

  105. Tor Audun Danielsen

    this looked very promising, but my hp LaserJet is simply called 1000 series, and the drivers 1010 and 1022 don´t seem to work. In both cases I´m informed that the data cannot be sent to the printer… Any suggestions about which driver to use then?

  106. Philippe JEOFFRE

    Votre explication est simple, précise, et juste.
    Excellent Monsieur Sodergren, un immense merci !!!!!

  107. Collin Arrandale


    I have looked around for a solution to this problem and here it is. I have been told by assholes that work for HP to buy a new printer but this has helped IMMENSELY Thank you again.

  108. Sorin

    Dear Tobias,

    Thanks so much! Indeed simple and very user-friendly instructions.

    All the best!

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    Amazing! Efter allt strulande, stort tack!

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    You would not believe the time and effort previously to get this to work. In the end it prints, YIPPEE and a great thanks.

  112. Rod2

    THANK YOU!!! you are the best! very generous of you to publish this solution. You just saved me $$$$$, I was about to buy another printer.
    Thank you! Thank you!!

  113. Adam

    awesome + 1, was about to buy a new printer as well

  114. Marty

    OMG there’s no way that I’m going to download 350 mb on my rubbish New Zealand vodafone ISP just to get a printer to work! It’ll be easier for me to print from an XP VM guest on this Hack OS computer!

  115. Rod

    This worked a treat for both Laserjet 1018 and Laserjet 1020 while running Lion. A tip though, remember to reboot your machine after installing the software, else you wont see the printer software and think, like I initially did, that it does not work. Thanks again!

  116. gary

    Well done and thank you!

  117. richard chew

    Thanks… works easy… best solution so far.

  118. Anna

    YOU HAVE SAVED ME 250$!!!
    Now my poor HP LJ1020 WORKS!!!!!))))))
    THank you so much!!!!!

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    Thank you Tobias, I have been trying for 5 years to have this printer working with the Mac.

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  124. Bas Bosman

    Compliments from The Netherlands: within minutes after reading your article, the printer driver was downloaded and the printer installed!!!

    I know it was 2 years ago that you posted this article, but I’m grateful today :)

  125. Brenda


    I was reading your posting on the HP Lasarjet 1020, which I have. However, I just got the new MacBook Pro with OS X 10.7.3 and I cannot get the printer to work. The only HP laserjet option it gives me in printer preferences is the HP Lasarjet series PC 4/5. Any suggestions?



  126. Pien

    Thanks, you’re a life saver!

  127. Bram

    Hi Tobias… Thanks a million! Finally got my Wife’s MacBook to print again. Somehow my MacBookPro worked well with the HP1020 all along. Great help!

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    thank you! thank you! thank you!
    this has been stressing me out for a while and you just made it so freaking easy!

  129. FG

    Have been scratching my head over this for weeks!!! Came across your blog – used HP1022 Driver. Worked a treat! Many Thx.

  130. SC Williams

    Thank you so much! That would have taken me days to figure out!

  131. Mariana

    Thank you so much. You really saved my life!! :)It works like a charm.

  132. Pete

    I have been trying to get this darn printer installed for the last 2 years but each other method I tried never worked. Thank you so much for posting your instructions!

  133. Harry

    Thank you for this information – I had given up.
    One question: Has anyone else had the experience of having it work but then when going to print the next day, it doesn’t print – saying the “PRINTER IS OFFLINE” – and then to get it working again, you have reinstall the drivers? This is crazy.
    I’m curious if anyone else is having this same issue?


  134. snowlion

    Hi. Will this work with Snow Lion as well?

  135. mountainlion

    Hi. Will this work with Mountain Lion as well? Thanks for the help in advance.

  136. morsel

    Totally saved me a ton of frustration. Thank you so much!

  137. kmm333

    Hi there.

    My HP Laserjet 1020 is connected to a Windows PC and I am trying to connect to it from my Mac as a shared printer (and therefore be able to print from my Mac wirelessly through the PC).

    The printer comes up as a nearby printer, but it won’t let me select a driver.

    What can I do?

    I am running Mountain Lion and the PC is running Windows 7.

    I have tried everything!


  138. Laura and Gus

    Works like a charm! Thanks.

  139. hartanto

    Thank you, it worked just fine with Mountain Lion

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  141. bob

    Thank you so much, Tobais. You have really saved my life and turned a very frustrating day into a very positive experience. IT WORKS SO WELL!!
    (I hope APPLE can hear me!)
    I am a musician and this is the best printer I have ever used; no frills but it just does a very good job and has always printed out my music quickly and beautifully. I did not want to buy a new one when this HP 1020 works so well!!

    I have just switched to Mac from PC and could not get my 1020 to print. Apple Support told me that the printer was too old and no drivers existed for it. HP support told me the same thing and tried to sell me 2 new priners to replace my 1020. I did research on Google and I found your site . Worked like a charm. You have made my day, monsieur.

  142. bob

    Thank you so much, Tobias. A day of frustration has a silver lining. Have just changed from PC to Apple/ Mac. Apple Support told me that 1020 is too old and no drivers exist, HP Support said the same thing and tried to sell me 2 new printers. I found you on Google and your method worked like a charm. I am so very appreciative!! One question. the Two-sided print seems to be greyed out. I do not know how to get it to work. Do you know of a fix for this?

  143. Sulaiman

    Thank you! I have the macbook pro running Mountain Lion OS and still works!

  144. Mike

    Tobias, let me join the chorus. Thank you! I have my trusty HP 1020 back! When I replaced my last Windows PC (never again) with a MacBook (the magical little iPod a few years ago was the gateway drug) I was greatly distressed to leave my 1020 parked on the desk, driverless. This morning I upgraded OSx to Lion and the MacBook still works (whew!). Now, following your instructions I installed the correct driver, and just printed the first test document. The 1020 and I are on the road again!

  145. John Sebastian

    Outstanding! Thank you!

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  150. tashgrz

    Thank you for this! I’m on OS X 10.7.5, and as of 11 October 2012, the driver version available from the Apple support page for the HP 1022 is now 1.4.0.

    My problem is that once I’ve installed the driver, I can only get the printer to carry out one print job. Then I get a message saying ‘Offline’ – ‘The printer is not connected’.

    Anybody have a fix for this? Please help!

  151. Becky

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      Wow, every one around said why bother, buy a new one. Add Switch OFF and switch ON printer after driver installation.

      No one around my town and most of the experts were speechless.

  156. priviett

    6 Dec 2012, working with mac OSX Lion 10.7.5
    Working by shared resource on windows xp

    Just install the package and then select the driver 1022 1.4.0.

    Thank you!!

  157. Laura

    Thanks! This is so helpful! So great not to have to buy a new printer.

  158. Hesa Mos

    Works like a charm! Thanx! :)
    I had a HP laserjet 1018 and used the drivers 1022 1.4.0

  159. Onate

    I downloaded the drivers (460.9MB) but when I tried to install, the file couldn’t open. Reason-Illegal seek.
    Can anyone help?

  160. Jesse Vancouver

    Thank You So Much!! I thought I was going to have to buy a new printer!
    This blog has saved me so much time and frustration
    I used this on December 17 2012 and it prints on my macbook air with my HP 1020. Cheers!!!

  161. bobotron

    I just bought a refurbished 1020NW to run as a network printer at home with mixed Macs and PCs.

    I connected my PC to the printer via USB and used the installer to set it up on that. Then installed this Mac driver as you suggested on my Macbook Pro, and the printer showed up as a Bonjour printer when I went to add a printer wirelessly. Worked great!

    Im not sure if you can do the same wireless setup without using the PC to setup the wireless. If you have problems getting a Mac to work wirelessly, maybe borrow someones PC laptop and install the settings into the printer first.

  162. Michael

    Thank you!

  163. PO

    Hi Tobias, I downloaded the file to my wife’s 3 month old iMac (Mac OS X version 10.7.3). The name of the file is HewletPackardPrint2.12.dmg and the size is 460 MB. I can however not find HP Laserjet 1022 in the driver list. The only HP selections possible are HP Deskjet Series and HP Laserjet Series PCL 4/5. I have tried both and none of them works.
    What should I do to install her printer HP LaserJet 1020 to her iMac. She had a PC before and is new Mac user. The same for me.

  164. YSK

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  165. Ayesha

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  166. Pprakash

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  167. dan

    Used HP Laserjet 1.4.0 on OS 10.7.5 to get our HP 1020 working.

    Many thanks

  168. Mike

    Does this work with older OS? I have 10.4.11
    I used to have it working on a different Mac with the same OS, and there was a work around using the 1022 driver. But now I can’t find that anywhere!?!
    Is there an archive of older drivers somewhere?

  169. Junhee Lee

    Thank you so much. I’ve been trying so many times to solve the problem with other ways. This is the only and best way to use my HP laserjet 1018 printer on my Macbook Air.
    Thanks again.

  170. Fredrik

    Unfortunately I can’t install the driver. “Hewlett-Packards Printer Drivers can not be installed on this disc. The volume doesn’t meet the requirements. ” What to do? Anybody knows?

    1. salomon

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  171. Christian

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    Mask :

    If i ping the i it responds, but i cannot print.
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  283. The print queue also referred to as the spooler, displays all documents waiting in line to reach the printer. What is remarkable about this set-up is a user can regularly change the printing order up or down the list. However, not a thing can be moved in front of a document currently being printed.

  284. serrurier Paris

    Just wanted to confirm that the HP Laserjet 1020 printer works on Mac OSX 10.10.4 using the above drivers from Apple.

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