Rx Framework Redux

Thanks to all of you who attended the Rx Framework seminar tour a couple of weeks ago. I was great to see such interest in the framework. I promised to blog some valuable resources for further learning about Reactive Extensions, so here it goes.


To start at the very beginnning, Erik Meijer’s talk at the 2009 Lang.NET Symposium is available for viewing online here.

There are also plenty of really useful videos up on Channel 9. Look for the tags RxReactive Extensions and Rx in Depth.


Reactive Extensions Team Blog

Jeffrey Van Gogh’s Blog

Matthew Podwysocki’s Blog

Bart de Smet’s Blog

Bnaya Eshet’s Blog


Reactive Framework (Rx) Wiki

Reactive Extensions Forum on MSDN


Here are the Reactive Extensions for .NET Seminar Slides

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