Windows phone 7 series mockup for for Balsamiq

I was trying to make a mockup in Balsamiq for a windows phone 7 series application and thought i needed a few items to get things right. So I started creating the parts needed.

The basic phone, with a see-through screen so it’s easy to create panoramas to lay behind. The keyboard variants (there are quite a few, default, text, email, web, search and a couple of dialer keyboards) and then a few of the buttons and checkboxes that’s needed. Most buttons are easiest mimicked by using the geometric shape in Balsamiq.

It’s quite heavy with all the details in the keyboards so pick and choose only the controls you need.

There you go, just download and start using it.

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  1. Socal Sam

    Thank you for the images, very nice and appreciated. :)

  2. Babi

    Thank you sooo much, I was searching for some WP7 themes on Balsamiq !
    Nice work…

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