Windows Phone 7 series paper prototype

mockup I was trying to figure out what text size to use on the Windows Phone to make it readable. After using the 24” monitor where I get a “big ass” phone, also known as a .Pad :),  I realized that it’s not going to work.

So I started out a little quest to find some data around the phone and what dimensions you could expect. However, there are no single specification around from Microsoft, so the actual size of the screen may vary. Searching around web brought very little technical specifications, but you know a few facts: It’s going to be 480×800 pixels, and 16:9 form factor on the screen. So I did a couple of educated guesses and assumed a 3.8” screen. Interesting enough, this told me that it actually is going to have a whopping 240dpi resolution, that’s close to a an old laser printer, and in full color – amazing.

miniSo on to the mockup, as soon as I got the dimensions right I started to print out a few pages, checking fonts and sizes (and got a surprise by how small the texts and icons got in the actual size). I used the skin from the emulator as base. Next, I wanted to get a feeling of it in the hand as well, so I started adding some depth. A few minutes later I found myself creating a cut-out paper prototype you see to the right here.

If you like you can cut out some slits  and do a left/right and a top/bottom sliding version. That way you can even use it to user test panoramic and pivot applications as well as that big sliding home screen.

So here it is the Windows Phone 7 series paper prototype (PDF and PSD format), enjoy.

Updated: A few other printouts added, XPS and PDF for both Letter and A4

Windows Phone 7 series paper prototype (zip with psd)
Windows Phone 7 series paper prototype (zip with XPS and PDF for Letter and A4)

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  1. Ken

    Ok, that’s just really cool! It took a bit of effort to get it printed out – I’m glad you included the Photoshop PSD file – because the PDF wants to scale the image to fit the 8.5×11 page, which makes it too big. After getting it printed and much carefull cutting, I now have a very nice WP7 prototype! THANKS!!

  2. PHenry

    Would it be possible to include the XPS version in the zip file please? I hate to seem ungrateful. :< Quite the opposite actually, I'm quite appreciative of the effort you've done here, I even printed it out, but my problem is I printed out the PDF (I don't have Photoshop :<) and it does indeed seem very big and bulky. After reading Ken's comment's, I think I know why (or so I hope so, cause my folded and taped copy is BIG!).


    1. Håkan Reis

      Of course it’s possible. I updated with two zips instead. One with just the PSD and one with PDF and XPS for both A4 and Legal paper sizes. The size when assembled should be around the iPhone size… Hmm, maybe I should make it in iPhone size so you could make your own iPhone skin …

    1. Håkan Reis

      Of course not, the purpose was to spread it to as many as possible. I think it’s an important tool to get a feeling of the size when creating applications.

  3. drew harris

    love the wp7 thanks! quick question… can you jail break phones or know how i can unlock my htc touch pro 2 rhodium?

  4. This is becoming more and more of a viable option as the days go on while we still wait for our developer phone!

    I think they must have forgotten the airmail stamp on the phones sent to the UK!

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