No Test Console in Oracle Service Bus 11gR1?

One of the nice features of Oracle Service Bus (OSB) is the ability to test your deployed services through the Test Console in the OSB web console. This is a convenient way of verifying that your basic configuration is correct.

When trying out the latest version of OSB 11gR1, I was both surprised and dismayed when clicking on the Test Console icon I was greeted with the following error message:

Error Accessing Test Configuration - "Test Console" service is not running. Contact administrator to start this service.

Searching the net I found that I was not the only one experiencing this problem. There were several posts on the Oracle discussion forum and the accepted solution seemed to be in this thread.

To make it short the solution given is to start another managed OSB server instance in combination with the Admin server that is already running.

To quote the thread:

Yes, in 11g as well you may access the admin and OSB console by just starting the admin server but in 11g OSB configuration gets deployed on OSB server (managed server) and test service also runs over this server.

Now this solution did not make any kind of sense to me. Was it really necessary to start separate server instances just to use the Test Console in 11gR1? Had the engineers at Oracle gone out of their way to make the product as unfriendly to developers as possible?

Fortunately, there was a simpler solution. OSB is built on top of Weblogic and I remembered having a similar issue with the Weblogic Web Service Test Console once.

The clue to the problem is the following warning that Weblogic prints during the startup sequence:

<Aug 28, 2010 12:51:05 PM CEST><Warning> <Server> <BEA-002611> <Hostname "localhost", maps to multiple IP addresses:, 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1>

Now, I am not sure exactly what is happening but it seems that the fact that the hostname maps to multiple addresses is what causes the confusion. The way to solve it is to explicitly bind the server to one address. This is done in the Weblogic Administration Console:

Home >Summary of Servers >[Your Server]->General->Listen Address

Bind the server to

Setting the “Listen Address” explicitly to worked for me but if you have a real hostname or ip that should do as well. After this change, the Weblogic server needed a restart.

And finally, the test console was back:

Working Test Console

So now I am happy with OSB again. Obviously this solution was what worked in my case, your mileage may vary.

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  1. Nirmal

    Hi Olof,
    I do agree with yo blog about Oracle Service Bus. but what’s the use? Can you give a realtime example where Oracle Service Bus is almost required.


  2. Khaleel

    I had the same issue. This blog has correct answer.

    This is the exact and accurate solution. When you are trying to work with the OSB default examples, the tutorial demands you run the Adminserver and managed server as only one server. If you give the solution with separate managed servers, then the tutorial may not work accurately.

    So changing the Listen Address works well. I appreciate a lot for this nice blog. Great job !!!


  3. Khaleel


    today I have install the OSB and SOA together on one Managed server in a new domain named soa_domain. Now again I have the same issue of getting Error Test console configuration.

    I changed the true
    and I changed Listen host names .. staill the same issue.

    Shaill i change the listener for both Admin and managed Servers? Or only one place, or not required at all?


  4. Mark Smith

    Thanks Olof,
    I found this page very helpful.

  5. Arunava

    Thanks Olof, This helped a lot !

  6. Dalila

    Hi Olof,
    I have several proxy services and when the test from the management console I get the following error:
    Error Accessing Test Configuration Help
    Validation of ProxyService AFIS Project 1/Servicios_Proxy/CasoInspeccion : ProxyService AFIS Project 1/Servicios_Proxy/CasoInspeccion does not exist failed.

    That could be giving this error.
    Regards dalila

  7. Jophy

    Me too had the same issue, this helped Thanks!

  8. William

    I could solve my problem correcting the cluster configuration.
    Environment–>Cluster–>–> Cluster address

    I just added all the servers that belong to my cluster
    Cluster address: :,:,:

  9. Nhut Nguyen

    It works for me. Thanks alot

  10. christianasteves

    The style of Article is good. The information provided is precise and factual.

  11. Omkar

    Great article,
    thank you very much for sharing this awesome post with us.

  12. Tushar

    I’m really happy to say it was an interesting post to read. I learned new information from your article,

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