Watch the PDC 10 key note live from Redmond at Jayway

We at Jayway will be watching the key note live from Microsoft’s all important developer conference: Professional Developers Conference (PDC). Please come join us in our offices in Malmo for this event!

We supply the drinks and the snacks all you have to do is show up and hang with us as Microsoft presents their vision for development on the .NET platform in the future.

The key note starts at 9am Redmond time which means that our event will take place on Thursday the 28 of October 17.00 – 20.00. Key note starts at 18.00 Swedish time.

Sign up for the PDC key note community event @ Jayway

If you want to come to us for the key note please sign up here at the local .NET community site Swenug: PDC 10 Key Note Live. Jayway sponsors the Swenug event.

At the risk of sounding like a TV salesman; “But wait there’s more” there actually is. ;~)

Continue to watch PDC 10 all night with us

We at Jayway will continue to watch PDC after the key note. PDC is streamed live from Redmond on several tracks in parallel. Unfortunately we don’t know yet exactly sessions will be broadcast but rest assured they will be good. They always are.

An indication of what is to come is found here: Check out the PDC Player Microsoft just launched at their site. It indicates that there will be four live channels and one for pre-recorded content:


  • Cloud Services
  • Client & Devices
  • Framework & Tools
  • Ch9Live (Channel 9 Live)
  • Pre-recorded

We have set aside two nights Thursday and Friday for an event where we will be glued to the live feeds and watch the news as they unfold.

Come join us at Jayway for this!

The PDC day ends at 01:00 Swedish time. You can stay with us all night Thursday from 17.00-01.00 both on Thursday 28 and Friday 29. Microsoft is sponsoring the event with a late dinner. All you have to do is stick around.

Sign up for more PDC  @ Jayway

We have posted the details about the Jayway PDC live event in our blog here (where you can also sign up for the event): PDC 10 live in Malmö – a two day local Professional Developers Event. You don’t have to keep going all night Thursday and Friday. You can choose to stay for a few hours and only one of the nights if that suits you better. However you are most welcome to stay for the duration! We certainly will because we feel it’s a great opportunity to learn the very latest from Microsoft!


Robert, Philip and Magnus

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