Using the host keyboard with the Windows Phone 7 Emulator

Typing text in the Windows Phone 7 emulator when developing apps can be frustrating, especially when you’ve got that nice, big keyboard in front of you. But, there is an easy way to activate the host keyboard as text input.

  • Activate host keyboard – Page Up or Pause
  • Deactivate host keyboard – Page Down or Pause

Note: changing keyboard while a textbox is active does not immediately reflect the change. E.g. if you’re typing with the host keyboard and press Pause, you have to deactivate the textbox and start editing it again to get the emulator keyboard to appear.

More about the emulator keyboard can be found on the MSDN pages:

I also have to mention that F9/F10 can be used for controlling audio volume. Focus has to be inside the screen – just clicking the frame of the emulator is not enough.

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  1. savetimeon

    I have started to learn Windows 7 programming and this is a rare tips, thank you very much. So I have added a link to you from my brand new blog.

  2. ed

    thank you!

  3. Andreas Hammar

    No probs Kevin! I also updated the post just now with info on F9/F10 for controlling audio volume.

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