The country that nearly drove me crazy

I just upgraded my OpenLDAP to 2.4.21 and suddenly I couldn’t load an LDIF that we in Spring LDAP have used successfully for years.

% ldapadd -Dcn=Manager,dc=jayway,dc=se -wsomepwd -f /tmp/t.ldif
adding new entry "ou=groups,dc=jayway,dc=se"

adding new entry "c=Sweden,dc=jayway,dc=se"
ldap_add: Invalid DN syntax (34)

After some time of swearing and random changes, I managed to find out the following little piece of information (which seems rather obvious in hindsight): country (c) is supposed to be the two-letter ISO 3166 country code.

But hang on now, we have in the Spring LDAP samples successfully been using c=Sweden and c=Norway. What is this? Well, it’s actually very simple. Back in the good old days in 1997, the RFC2256 specified the c attribute (countryName) like this:

5.7. c

   This attribute contains a two-letter ISO 3166 country code

    ( NAME 'c' SUP name SINGLE-VALUE )

Note that they suggest only in text that it should be the two-letter ISO code. This is curious, since in fact there existed a syntax specification at that time, specified in RFC2252:

6.8. Country String

   ( DESC 'Country String' )

   A value in this syntax is encoded the same as a value of Directory
   String syntax.  Note that this syntax is limited to values of exactly
   two printable string characters, as listed in ISO 3166 [14].

      CountryString  = p p


In the newer spec RFC4519 from 2006, they are much more strict:

2.2.  'c'

   The 'c' ('countryName' in X.500) attribute type contains a two-letter
   ISO 3166 [ISO3166] country code.
   (Source: X.520 [X.520])

      ( NAME 'c'
         SUP name
         SINGLE-VALUE ) refers to the Country String syntax

   Examples: "DE", "AU" and "FR".

Note that they have added a SYNTAX directive, which means there is no escape any more. Apparently, later versions of OpenLDAP are using a core.schema that follows RFC4519. This is good, I guess. I just wish someone would have told me about it…

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  1. It must have been very hard to find what was causing this error when importing the LDIF. Nice work and very good post. Cheers

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