Azure Summit Malmö – An Azure day hosted by Jayway

On Thursday 3 mars Jayway hosted an Azure event at Malmö Högskola. It became a great event with about 60 attendees!


Dag König, Microsoft, kicked off the day, delivering two great presentations. The first session was Introducing Windows Azure followed by Demonstration of Windows Azure. Together, both of the sessions delivered excellent content for anyone new to Azure. You can download Dag’s slides here.

Next up was Robert FolkessonMicrosoft. Robert delivered a more advanced session about Azure Best Practices. We learned about poisonous message handling, dynamically adding functionality to a worker role, idempotency and much more. You can find Robert’s slides here.

After lunch Henrik Feldt, Jayway, continued with a session on Azure AppFabric ServiceBus. Henrik gave a deep technical presentation where he demonstrated the ServiceBus and encouraged discussion. Henrik’s slides can be downloaded here.

Then it was my turn. I gave a session titled Examples from real life. I gave some examples on how to best utilize your workers and how we design them so that we easily can add more functionality without adding to the cost. I also spoke about continuous integration and lessons learned. You can download my presentation here.

Thank you

Thanks to all of you that attended and helped making this a great event! I hope that we can do this again sometime in the future.


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