Design/performance – WP7 in blend and code

We (Andreas Hammar and I) are just returning from Tech-Days 2011, we delivered a session on developing applications for Windows Phone 7 in Blend and code. While we were preparing for this session something stuck in our minds – when it comes to mobile applications the top priority is in design and performance.

Design and performance over architecture and frameworks

We have to focus our attention on the user experience, how the application is perceived and not what technology is used or how the application is built. The important thing is that the application is well designed and that it responds to the user. SO to be a WP7 developer there are two things you really have to study, and study hard:


We’re not suggesting that you throw out all the knowledge around architecture and framework. But, if it impacts design and performance you should think twice about why. Also, as Johan Lindfors said in his session – “stop building frameworks! Start building applications”

Slides and samples

Anyway, to sum this up we share the slides on slideshare as well as provide the code and slides as files below.


Windows Phone 7 in blend and code – code
Windows Phone 7 in blend and code – slides


Following is a collection of useful links to get started with real development – just promise you don’t build another framework.

Be creative! // Andreas Hammar & Håkan Reis

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