"HTML5 & MVC3" Debriefing

Recently, Jayway hosted the seminar “HTML5 & MVC3” in Malmö and Stockholm. We also visited the SweNUG Linköping group and held our presentation there. In this post, we will give you links to some of the topics we covered.

The presentation was first delivered on Techdays 2011, and we recommend you to look at that blog post first. Below, you’ll find some additional links to topics covered during some of the presentation occations.

The links

ReSharper 6
Currently in “Early Access Program”, with better IntelliSense and refactoring support for JavaScript and CSS in Visual Studio.

Chrome DevToolbar (presentation at Google I/O)
A lot is happening here and this tool is well worth to keep your eyes on.

Static code analysis for JavaScript

We talked a bit about some of the features of WCF Web API, a.k.a.” WCF Http”

This NuGet package makes it easier to get started with CoffeeScript and Sass in ASP.NET.

Reactive Extensions (Rx) for JavaScript
Compose asynchronous and event-based programs using observable collections and LINQ-style query operators.

Project Silk
Web Application guidance from the Patterns & Practices team at Microsoft.

HTML5 Boilerplate
Gives you a good default when building HTML5 sites/apps. Also exists as a mobile version.

The MVVM pattern implemented in JavaScript.

ASP.NET MVC Migration Tool
Help you with the migration between different versions of ASP.NET MVC.

Localization in the browser is harder than on the server. This blog post is a nice resource on the subject.

Track site speed with Google Analytics
When the “Network tab” is not enough. Lets you track the real loading time for your users.

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