Clojure third language officially supported on Heroku

According to this blog entry on Heroku, Clojure becomes the third language officially supported on the Cedar stack, after Ruby and Node.js. They write:

– “Clojure combines the expressiveness of Lisp, the agility of a dynamic language, the performance of a compiled language, and the wide applicability of the JVM in a robust, production-ready package. Clojure is a practical language designed to support high-performance, concurrent applications which efficiently interoperate with other software in the JVM ecosystem. All of this combines to make it an ideal tool for the programmer to quickly build robust programs.”

And motivate why they chose to support Clojure:

– “Clojure covers a new use case on the Heroku platform: components which demand correctness, performance, composability; and optionally, access to the Java ecosystem.”

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to consider moving the parenthesis from the end of the method name to the beginning of the function call. Try it, you’ll like it.

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