How mail sync killed the battery on my WP7

no_batteryThe last couple of days the battery life on my Windows Phone Mango has been catastrophic. I wasn’t able to last more than 3-4 hours, tops. Then the battery saver icon appeared (battery with a little heart over it) and gave me a couple extra hours, it really is a saver. The only thing that I could think of, that I had changed, was that shuffling the images used as background in pictures hub. So I began to restart, charge, changed settings, disconnected Wi-Fi. I tried all kind of tricks that affects battery life. No luck.

Then I thought that maybe I should stop syncing mail so often and se what effect that would have. When I tried to change my settings I saw how it was syncing mail, lots of mail in my account. It never seem to stop and suddenly it hit me:

I might have set it to sync my All mails folder in my Google mail, and that isn’t a good thing. If it tries to sync all then there is 56 472 conversations dragging around in my Google account (I haven’t thrown away any mail, except for spam mail and mailing list, the last 8 years). And even if I narrow this down to the last 7 days it’s a lot of mail to sync in the background. No wonder it was draining the battery. An I was right.

Actually here are a few areas that can improve in the user interface. Doing all this syncing was not good for the performance of the mail application either. I even had trouble to stop the sync of the All mails folder. And while the account was syncing I wasn’t able to remove it or change any settings on it.

In the end I figured that the easiest way to get rid of it all was to just go into flight mode, remove the account and then add it again (after going out of flight mode). This time I made sure it’s just the inbox that is synced. And now all is back to normal again or even better.

So be careful with what you sync or it may really kill the battery on your device.

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