Finding unread mail in Gmail in your browser

Usually when I have a lot of emails in my inbox, I tend to skim most of them and then mark interesting mails as being unread so that I can read them later on. Sometimes that later on is getting pushed further and further away in the future and suddenly there’s a bunch of unread mails in my inbox. The
mails are scattered throughout the inbox and trying to find them using by
paginating is quite tedious work. Luckily there’s an easier way by using the search box:

is:unread label:inbox

This will list all unread mails in the inbox. Unfortunately this query is useless when saved
as a filter, as new mail will not be processed by operators such as in:, has: and so on.

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  1. Lars Sjögreen

    Enable the plugin called Quick Links under the Labs tab in settings. Then you can save an “is:unread label:inbox” as a quick link.

  2. Mikael Karlsson

    Or, you can have all unread email appear at the top of the list.

    Go to Mail Settings->Inbox->Inbox type, and choose “Unread first”.

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