Fixing WP7 app not starting after project rename

If your Windows Phone 7 project isn’t starting at all – you’re not even hitting App.xaml.cs, you’ve probably renamed the app project.

Fix: Set the startup object on the app project’s properties page


In the .csproj file, this corresponds to the SilverlightAppEntry element:


I would call it a bug, that you cannot rename a project and have the SilverlightAppEntry update accordingly. But luckily, the work-around is simple.

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  1. PHenry

    I’ve run into this before as well. The kicker (problem) is when the correct option is NOT dislayed in the Startup Object dropdown. gggrrrr I found when that happened to me, a simple restart of VS fixed it. Thankfully renaming top level namespaces doesn’t happen very often!

    If your readers are interested, I have some additional information as well (

  2. PHenry

    Howdy. I just had another friend run SMACK into this issue and used your blog/this exact entry as a point of reference. Cool! Thanks.

    Have a good one!

  3. Flávio Banyai

    Thank you very much for precisely pointing out the problem and the solution.

    Best regards!

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  5. pooja

    Thanks..It is working now

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