WP7 getting started (1) – Installing tools

This is the first in a series of blog posts describing how to get started with Windows Phone 7 development. It is written based on my own experience getting started with Windows Phone 7 development.

The purpose is both to help others get started but also to show how simple it really is, to get started developing for Windows Phone 7.

Where to find everything

The best online ressource for all-thing Windows Phone 7 I have found is create.msdn.com. Here you’ll find everything you need to know/download.


First thing you need is to download the SDK: download here. It will install everything you need, including Visual Studio 2010 Express if necessary. NOTE: If you already have Visual Studio 2010 without Service Pack 1, prepare yourself or a looooong installation process. The Service Pack 1 installer goes on for hours with no cpu-load or activity on the harddrive. No, it isn’t broken or crashed. It really does work that way! Leave it overnight and you’ll be pleasently suprised the next day.

Confirm that it works

Now that you’ve installed the Windows Phone SDK, it is time to spin up the bad boy and see if it works.

Start Visual Studio, select new project

Select the template “Windows Phone Application”.

Press F5 to start debugging and wait for the emulator to finish loading your app.

Congratulations. You have now created your first application and started it in the emulator.

You now have all the tools necessary to start coding your very own app.

Next steps

You next steps will be to learn more about application development for Windows Phone 7 and think of an actual app to develop.

A good place to start is the quickstarts part of create.msdn.com.

One very interesting ressource in my opinion is this documentation on User Experience Design Guidelines, which will help you ensure your application looks and feels wp7-like.

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