Motion detection and face recognition with Kinect



Kinect for Windows is now launched, what fun can we do with it? Under a spontaneous meeting we had a quick brainstorm for ideas that could be fun and quick to create in one weekend.

Many ideas came up based on the the fun interaction a Kinect is making possible. We want to use motion detection of hand gestures and face recognition, and we want it to be fun for all our colleagues to test. The winning idea is using Kinect to welcome colleges and visitors to the office – almost like a time clock.

Prototype starting to take form

For this short Proof of Concept, we asked around for some developers help and Andreas Hammar and Peter von Lochow was immediately hooked to the idea.

A weekend is booked, a Kinect is purchased and a real brainstorm meeting took place. We slimmed the featured down to what we considered core functionality and put the extras in the backlog. We discussed how a user will approach our Kinect and how we could catch his interest to start interact. Our intern Alex helped drawn the wireframes. Mockups were created. And our developers did the magic.

Start screen  Checkin page  Take photo page  Welcome page

Yay! We succeeded to build a fully functional Prototype – named Fisheye, in just one and a half day.

In front of our Kinect, you are encouraged to wave you hand to activate it. If it is your first time, you can choose to take a new picture and will be checked in. If you revisit us, you can pick your photo from the archive and you will be checked in.

Backlog  Checkin page

Detecting a wave      Photo page

Kudos to Alex the intern who produced the sketches.

Below are short video shot of the prototype in action:

Motion detection and face recognition with Kinect from Peter Kleine on Vimeo.

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