Windows 8 for Web Developers, TechDays 2012 Debriefing

Yesterday we had the pleasure to present at TechDays 2012, with a session named “Windows 8 for Web Developers”. The topic of the presentation was how to develop Win8 Metro applications using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. Thanks to all of you that attended the session – we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! :)

Below, you find the slides and also the links to many of the resources that we used when working on the presentation material. You find the code for the final demo here:

The links

Resource sites

Microsoft Dev Center – Metro Style Apps

Build 2011 on Channel 9 (Lots of great videos!)

Blog posts

Introduction to developing Metro applications in HTML5

Stephen Walter has many nice intro posts on developing Metro applications with HTML5.

“What’s new in the Beta”

What’s New in the Beta Metro/JS Templates for VS11

Migrating your apps from Developer Preview to Consumer Preview

What’s changed for app developers since //build/


Create your first Metro style app using JavaScript (This is the tutorial that we based our final demo on!)

How to cook a complete Windows 8 application with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript in a week

Quickstart: adding a SemanticZoom

Technology specific posts

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript features and differences

Hands On: CSS3 Grid Layout (IE10 only)

Quickstart: Using single-page navigation

Security contexts

Grouping and Semantic Zoom

WinJS Promises: then and done

Making HTML safer: details for toStaticHTML

HTML AppBar control sample


Debugging your Metro style apps using HTML

Introducing the Windows libraries for JavaScript

Building Metro style apps using JavaScript

WinJS Promises #1

Some issues we had

Blend For Visual Studio 11 get an error

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