My time with Jayway

Finally my third conference as a speaker for Jayway is over. This time I’m sitting at the Pearson International Airport, Toronto, Canada and summarizing my time at Jayway.
It all started in the summer of 2006. Back then I lived in Reykavik, Iceland and was going home to visit my mom and dad for a couple of weeks. On my way home I stopped for a short interview with Per S and Mats W. They asked me the classic question “where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

My short answer was “I will be at an international conference talking about software testing”. I had my goal all ready clear for me.

When I started at Jayway there were three things that I noticed differentiated Jayway from other companies

  1. The competence training
  2. The breakfast seminars
  3. Oredev

The Training
In many companies they have small number of training opportunities, you may buy a book or if you are lucky you may go a course or if you are best friend with the boss you may go to a conference abroad.

At Jayway we buy books without any hesitation because that is the least expensive training. During my time with Jayway I have been in serveral courses and conferences. Latest course was the “Certified Scrum Master course”. Jayway thought, who is the best in Scrum?

Jeff Sutherland of course. So we let him come to us for a 3 day course in Scrum so that we become certified scrum masters. That is taking competence training seriously.

In every quater we have C-weekend, C for competence. These weekends start on Friday and ends on Saturday lunch. During these weekends we are testing new frameworks and talking about software craftmannaship etc.

So competence training is equally important for Jayway as it is for me.

Breakfast seminars
During each semester Jayway has several seminars. From testing to development, througout agile leading. Next up coming event are Dependency Injection with Andreas Eriksson

Oredev is a conference founded by Jayway. During the past conferences there has been several gurus speaking there. Dan North, Gojko Adzic, Selena Delesie and James Bach are some of the speakers that has made their voice heard in Oredev conference. .NET, Java, Testing and UX is some of the tracks. This conference is all about software development.

My journey
My five and a half years at Jayway has been great. I have been at serveral conference as a delegate and I have meet several notable persons within testing and programming, like James Bach, Micheal Bolton and I had Jeff Sutherland as my Scrum Master teacher. Eating pizza with Chris Patterson is also cool, as is drinking a couple of pints with Dan North

Competence training, has for me always been and will always be important. I like to learn new things and develop myself as a consultant. Jayway is one of its kind, when it comes to competence training. Next weekend we are going to the archipelagos for a code weekend. That weekend we have a theme, the dragon nest. It is simple, during 48 hours you and your team will come up with a product and you shall sell the idea to some investers. If you are lucky, you may end up coding on your project and someone is paying for it.

I started my carrier as a C++ developer and switch carrier to tester at Jayway. As a rookie within testing I got the best start as possible. I started with a small project for green peace, that had a web service that should be tested. During that project I learned my first exploratory testing and wrote my first Ruby script. I had never been coding Ruby before, but with help from both my boss (that gave me the book about Ruby) and developers from other teams within Jayway, I succeed to create a bank simulator.
After that project that was three month long, I had my first breakfast seminar. The seminar were about Exploratory Testing. From there my carrier started as a speaker. I have been in different types of projects; large projects, waterfall projects and good and bad projects.

So in the fall of 2010 I got the opportunity to participate in an Agile project, I toke that oppertunity. This project were my stepping stone to my dreams; standing on the international stage, talking about the software testing.

In the spring of 2011 I applied for a call for paper to “Agile Development Practices” conference in Orlando, FL, USA, and got accepted. I have never been so happy as when I read the e-mail from the conference.

Later on I got accepted to Belgium Testing Days and now I have been at a test conference in Toronto, Canada.

Later on in May I’ll go to London and in June you can meet me in Krakow, Poland at the Agile & Lean conference. Jayway has given me these opportunities that I never would have had in any other consultant firm.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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