Avoiding 'Source not found' when I debug in Eclipse

The problem.
I hate the tab saying ‘Source not found’ when I debug my Android apps in Eclipse. If there’s no source code, I’m not interested. Leave me alone. These aren’t the classes you’re looking for. Move along.

The solution.
This is how I solved it. No Jedi-powers involved.

– Open Step filtering in preferences: Java->Debug->Step filtering
– Activate Use Step Filters and the Defined step filters below.
– Add filters via Add Filter… (I suggest android.* and com.android.* to begin with.)
– Make sure Step Filters is on when you debug your code (Shift+F5).

As so many other default settings in Eclipse this one is also the exact the opposite of what I want. And (worst of all) changing it “globally” means fiddling with the preferences in all your workspaces. Jedi powers notwithstanding.

Darius Katz
Android developer at Jayway

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  1. Neil

    I thought you had solved this problem but I get lots of classes like ActivityThread.performLaunchActivity, how can I suppress these classes also?

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