Reasons to Go to Øredev, Reginald Braithwayte

Øredev is selling tickets like never before. For the first time ever we believe we will sell out all days and not just Wednesday, like last year. So if you still haven’t bought a ticket it is time to do it now.

To help you along the way I’m going to present you with another reason to register, Reginald Braithwayte

Reginald has recently released some books through leanpub, such as What I’ve learned from Failure and How to Do What You Love & Earn What You’re Worth as a Programmer.

Reginald Braithwayte

I first came in contact with Reginald through the blog, Raganwald, where he wrote about programming, testing, agile, work, etc. On this blog, you can find gems, such as:

The Narcissism of Small Code Differences where he writes about different styles of programming and why and why not they matter.

Why Why Functional Programming Matters Matters?, a commentary on the paper “Why Functional Programming Matters”. It discusses topics such as “Separation of Concerns” and “Responsibility Driven Design”.

The significance of the meta-circular interpreter discusses meta-programming, DSLs, and why it is important for a language to be self hosted.

Programming conventions as signals, a blog about why it is important to write in a style that signals the intent
of the code to other programmers.

More recently he started another blog, Homoiconic, hosted on Github. In this blog you can read about functional programming in Javascript, Coffeescript, etc.

Some of my favorites are:

Method Combinators in CoffeeScript where he uses function combinators to create AOP like constructs like beforeafter, around, etc.

Captain Obvious on JavaScript, examples using functional programming in Javascript.

Reg will be giving a keynote on rebellion and a talk on jQuery Combinators Don’t miss him at Øredev.

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