Setting Windows 8 language

The problem

So, you just installed en English copy of Windows 8 and have set your culture to Swedish. All is good and well. Until you take a look on the start screen and note that a lot of the apps are in Swedish for some reason.

Okay, let’s see if we can fix this!

The solution

Start the language settings window (use Win+W to search in settings).

Click “Add a language” and add English.

Move English to the top and remove Swedish.

Great, starting an app now results in the text in the application to be in English. Now what about the keyboard? Right now the keyboard layout is in English.

Click options on the English language and add Swedish to the list. Then you can remove the English keyboard layout.

The language list should now look like this.

That’s it! As soon as you have restarted the computer the app names on the start screen will be in English as well.

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  1. Alex

    I’m trying to find out why Windows essential Movie Maker or whatever, is in Swedish when I downloaded it from Microsoft (English site) And only input is English (Australian)

    Clues would help as to what I’m installing. And I don’t want to wind up with a program in another language other than English. Nothing to explain this on the Microsoft site. I followed the above and there are no other languages other than Engish.

    1. Per-Olof Bondesson

      There is a program called “LangSelector” that changes the languages of the Windows essentials programs.

      Just hit the windows key and type langselector and you will be set.

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