Running IISNode on Windows 8 x64

Recently there where a refresh release of WebMatrix2 for Windows 8. WebMatrix makes development and running node on windows easier.  You could also use Visual Studio as a companion to WebMatrix when node is running.

The problem

I ran into a problem when first installing WebMatrix and fired up an express site. The following error message was prompted by the browser;

“The iisnode module is unable to start the node.exe process. Make sure the node.exe executable is available at the location specified in the system.webServer/iisnode/@nodeProcessCommandLine element of web.config. By default node.exe is expected to be installed in %ProgramFiles%nodejs folder on x86 systems and %ProgramFiles(x86)%nodejs folder on x64 systems.”

This is due to that I had installed the x64 version of node prior to WebMatrix. The solution is simple, but I thought that I share it if you run into to the same problem. The are two ways to solve this;


1. Install x86 version of node too.

2. IISNode introduces the familiar web.config  for node apps as well. And the are some iisnode you could configure. All you need to do  to skip the x86 install is to edit the last lite as follows;

<iisnode watchedFiles="*.js;node_modules*;routes*.js;views*.jade"
nodeProcessCommandLine="program filesnodejsnode.exe"/>

Now you´re ready to go!


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  1. Krishna

    Thanks!.. It has helped me a lot!

  2. Ake


  3. NIQ

    on WIN 7 64bit is in “Program Files” did I read the above incorrectly? I am too tired to spend time with this… (x86) is 32 bit?! does that not make more sense?

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