Øredev 2012 – Testing integrated

This years Øredev conference was yet another success. As a part of the program committee I can once more conclude that a great program combined with just awesome keynotes is a steady backbone in realizing the conference. And then there are all the details that just need to be there, food, coffee, a good venue, sponsors and of course; passionate people that creates the atmosphere of knowledge sharing in a friendly environment. There are lots and lots of many more details to point out the beauty of our conference.

But how about the core ideas and the program? From a testers perspective the program might look frightening. In 2010 I described some of my thoughts on it, and by this year we managed to have tags instead of tracks showing it even more. Software development is one big pile of different types of activities that just need to be intertwined in the cross functional team. Testing and quality work being parts of it, of course these should be just as integrated into a developer conference schedule as in the daily work.

There was no real theme surrounding the test sessions this year, but I had some ideas about what I wanted to accomplish. I wanted more technical sessions and more of real life experiences. I think I managed to get that kind of actually. At least one of my goal was to satisfy the needs of my colleagues, and I was very happy to get this nice feedback from Jonas. But of course I could have done better in several areas, being the critical me.

What I want to highlight with this is the fact that testing is best integrated with development, I think that same thinking applies very good to development conferences.

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