Windows 8 XAML-based metro apps with Visual Studio 2012 and Blend 2012–slides and code

Last week I had a session called “Windows 8 XAML-based metro apps with Visual Studio 2012 and Blend 2012”. The thought behind it was to highlight the fact that Visual Studio 2012 now shares code with Blend. The Blend designer have moved in to Visual Studio and as a developer now days using XAML, we have to start using the tool “the designer” to be effective. Writhing XAML code by hand is a thing from the past. The presentation was more in the form of showing how to use the new designer in Visual Studio 2012 and how to do data binding the designer way and not so much Power Point.

The sample code includes a small app that uses MVVM and live images from internet. The app can be snapped to left or right and change appearance with the use of Visual States. Some transition animations from Animation Library are demonstrated using a popup sliding in from the right. The sample application contains almost no C# code except for the ViewModel and all the XAML is created using the designer.

Below, you find the slides and sample code used during the presentation.



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