Windows Phone 8 Dev.KickStart presentations–slides and code

Last week I had the honor of doing two sessions on the new Windows Phone 8 platform. The format was interesting, Microsoft Sweden had created this as an invite-only event and focused on the recording of the sessions – but with a small audience. The other speakers were Tech Evangelists from Microsoft; Tess Ferrandez, Anders Thun and Peter Bryntesson, and last but not least Johan Lindfors from Coderox. The session videos will be released online soon.

Slides are on slideshare, code on github. Enjoy – comments and input are more than welcome!

The font got changed in the upload, please download the slides from slideshare if you need the original layout.

Lock screen, tiles and notifications

With Windows Phone 8, the app developer can come much closer to the user than before. Tiles types have been added, as well as new tile sizes, and the lock screen can now be integrated with using background image, text and icon updates.



Sensors and integration

With Windows Phone 8, the ways of communicating with other devices has drastically improved. Bluetooth and NFC are now fully supported, and the GPS/Maps-handling has vastly improved – now fully powered by Nokia’s Navteq maps.




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