Changing the name of a Windows 8 Store app

The name of a Windows Store app can be changed, and it’s quite easy to do. Here I’ll walk you through the steps and show you how it’s done.


1. gamla appen

We have a JayLabs-app (JayLabs is our playground account where we publish internal apps that are not showcase quality) called Rater that we’d like to rename to Vote Collector.  What we want to see is this flow:

An update is available:

2. uppdatering av gamla appen


The app has after the update a new name:

3. nya appen installerad

And searching for the app in the Store shows the new name:

4. sökning på företaget med ny app ute


How it’s done

To accomplish the name change we have to

1. Reserve the new name

2. Change the app name

3. Change the package name

Reserve name

As with the initial release of a Windows Store app – the name has to be reserved. You can read all about app naming in the docs. This screenshot shows the after-result of this little exercise – after the name change has taken place. As you can see the current name of the app cannot be deleted, but the other can.

app name menu

app naming

Change app name

The name of the app that will appear on the tile is called ‘display name’ and lives under the Application UI tab of the app manifest.

display name

Change package name

The name of the package, the name that appears in the Store, is called ‘package display name’ and lives under the Packaging tab.

package display name



Changing the name of an app can be done, but requires the new name to be reserved. After the app has been renamed and published as the new name, the old name can be deleted and hence released to the world.


Happy (re-)naming Smile


/Andreas Hammar

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  1. Carlos

    Hi, how can I change package name? (3 step)
    In Visual Studio only I can change the package display name, but if i change the package name field, it says me an error

    1. Andreas Hammar

      Hi Carlos,

      confusing title on step 3, sorry. You’re only supposed to change the package name, that’s enough!

      1. Carlos

        Ok, thanks. I changed only the display name and is only for Title. As you say I have to change “package display name” for change the name on the store, thanks a lot.

  2. VChen

    Hi Andreas,

    Thanks for the posting which is really helpful. Recently, I received an inquiry from my colleagues, about whether we can have our app listed as “Very Long App Name” in the Store while showing up as “Short App Name” on the users desktop.
    They want to do this as that “Very Long App Name” is the official name they want to market this app, but unfortunately gets truncated on users’ desktop.
    Currently, I reserved “Very Long App Name” first so the app is listed as Release 1 of “Very Long App Name”. Then I also reserved “Short App Name” so I can upload the appxbundle package, which already has “Short App Name” as Display Name. (If I only reserve “Very Long App Name” and upload appxbundle with Display Name “Short App Name”, the validation will fail.)

    I am just not sure whether this would work as it may appear to. Any hint would be much appreciated!

    Thank you.

    1. Andreas Hammar


      Reserving many names does not help, that only does so that you can publish the app under any name.

      I’m not sure but don’t think that you can have different names for the tile and the actual name. But what you could do is to NOT have app show it’s official name on the tile, but instead “burn” the app name into the tile image. This could be done before publish or on first startup of the app (runtime). Just make sure it’s localized etc. (globalized is probably the correct term)

  3. Filippo

    Thank you very much for this article.
    It took me seconds to archieve this task :)

  4. kushal

    [WP8.1] Windows Phone Store Instalation Error : 80073cf9

    Hello all,

    I have upload one application in windows phone store with app version , after some updation I have update my application version with , In windows phone store I have choose replace option to do that , my version is updated successfully , but whenever I installed this application from store I have getting following error .attention required

    This is a problem completing your request try again later

    inquiring might find this error code helpful: 80073cf9

    Please help me out for this , please let me know where I am wrong .

    Thank you

    1. Andreas Hammar

      Hi Kushal,

      Often there is a delay between when you publish your application to when it becomes available.
      But also after when it’s supposed to be available, there is a delay before the app actually becomes available for download (I think this when the package is being distributed to globalized caches) – please allow 12-24 h for the download link to start working.

  5. Raship

    I want to update existing application name on store for that i have made changes in Package.appxmanifest > Application > Display Name from visual studio.

    Note – I tried to update name in Package.appxmanifest >packaging > Package display name, but it throws an error when trying to Create app packages from studio.

    I have reserved this new name on store, and i can see this new name with status “Reserved for this app” on store(Windows market place). I have uploaded new build and can run updated application successfully with updated changes. But still my application name is not changed on store.

    When i checked on App Management > Manage app names on store, i can see two names first the older name with status “Currently in use” and second the new name with status “Reserved for this app” with delete button option.

    So my query is how to update new name on store for existing application. How to change the status from “Reserved for this app” to “Currently in use”
    Note – Delete button is not visible in older name action column.

    Please let me know if i am missing any step.

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