How to tame Windows App Certification Kit

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Before submitting an app to the Windows Store you should test it with the Windows App Certification Kit a.k.a. WACK.
I have done this, however WACK wasn’t really working as expected. Here are some questions and answers to how I got it working in the end:

How to get WACK

WACK is included in the Windows 8 SDK. After installation, WACK can be found in c:Program Files (x86)Windows Kits8.0App Certification Kit.

What if WACK hasn’t been installed at all after installing the SDK?

Do a repair on the installed SDK, i.e. Programs and Features -> Windows Software Development Kit -> Change

How do I run WACK?

Use Windows 8 Search and type “Windows App Certification Kit” and click it. Alternatively go to C:Program Files (x86)Windows Kits8.0App Certification Kit and run appcertui.exe. Select Validate Windows Store App. This will bring up a list of installed packages.


What if my app isn’t listed in WACK?

Did you build and deploy a release version of the app?

What if my app still isn’t listed in WACK?

Use command line interface like so:

appcert.exe test -apptype windowsstoreapp -packagefullname 095e82c0-d87d-4921-8cd9-31084c5596aa_1.0.0.0_neutral__a9gjcazcjyqtc -reportoutputpath c:/report.xml

Where can I get the package full name?

Open PowerShell and do:

Get-AppxPackage > out.txt

Open the text file and find the section containing your app and copy the value of the PackageFullName entry.

What if WACK for some reason tests an app that isn’t the one specified?

When I finally got WACK to run the report stated that the certification failed with some hard to decipher fail messages. However, after a lot of head scratching I noticed that WACK had tested another app than what was specified in the package full name! The report displays the name of the tested app and this wasn’t the name of my app.


I looked in the list of installed apps retrieved with Get-AppxPackage and searched the name of the app that WACK had incorrectly tested and found that it was another app that I created a while ago. However, I had uninstalled this app and it wasn’t to be found under All apps in the Start screen. Apparently it hadn’t been successfully uninstalled since it was still listed by Get-AppxPackage.

The solution was to use Remove-AppxPackage to completely remove it like so:

Remove-AppxPackage 517b57ca-0d54-4ac0-aa41-d71b0dd714e9_1.0.0.0_neutral__a9gjcazcjyqtc

After this, the WACK tested the correct app!


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