Introducing Robotium Recorder

Ever since we started the Robotium open source project 4 years ago we’ve been asked about the availability of a recorder to further simplify the creation of UI test cases. The time has finally come for us to release Robotium Recorder.

Robotium Recorder is aimed at both novice and experienced Android developers and testers. When using the Robotium framework its always recommended to call Views through their resource ID:s. The example below is to click on a specific View with the ID myButton:

View viewToClick = solo.getView(;


Usually Hierarchy Viewer and similar tools are used for finding resource ID:s. However that is a time consuming process which many times leads to bindings of incorrect ID:s. Other time consuming parts of creating automatic tests are to set up the test project properly, to use the API:s in the correct way, and to create robust and easy to understand tests. Robotium Recorder takes care of all of that and creates Robotium tests just like an experienced test case developer would.

To try Robotium Recorder for free go to the Robotium website and follow the installation instructions.

We look forward to your feedback!

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