iOS Dev Update v.9 2014


TestFlight service owner, Burstly, was purchased by Apple. Read more
If your client asks you how much users are using this or that iOS version, you can easily refer to David Smith’s iOS Version Stats.


SDWebImage – powerful library to asynchronously download and cache images. Available as CocoaPod.
iCarousel, SwipeView – powerful replacement of UIPageViewController. Available as CocoaPod.


UI Nav Bar customization: bar buttons spacing from edge of screen: SOF: How to adjust UIToolbar left and right padding.
And yes, you can use this small enum to differentiate spaces values based on iOS version and device family.
typedef enum NavBarSeparatorWidth : NSInteger {
    NavBarSeparatorWidthiOS6Universal = -12,
    NavBarSeparatorWidthiOS7iPhone = -16,
    NavBarSeparatorWidthiOS7iPad = -20
} NavBarSeparatorWidth;


Toggling slow animations is possible on iOS Simulator, but you can also tweak it for real device. Read more here.

[(CALayer *)[[[[UIApplication sharedApplication] windows] objectAtIndex:0] layer] setSpeed:.1f]


Now with XCAssets it’s possible to specify stretchable images in easy manner. And then to user them easily in Storyboards. Xcode: Slicing an image
But, yeah, only for projects targeted with iOS 7 :( does not work for older projects.

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