Windows Phone 8.1 for Developers

We will during the next few weeks together with Microsoft evangelist Peter Bryntesson post a series of blog post regarding the new windows phone 8.1 platform.

We will publish our posts on the Jayway blog and also on Peters blog here. Peters posts will be linked to down below so they are easy to find.

After the release of windows phone 8.1 during Build there are many news for us windows phone developers. Hopefully you are as exciting about this as we are and will follow this series of blogs as they are published.

Links to all post in the series:


Converging the App Models

Choose your weapons

The new Visual Studio Experience

What controls are new

Application bar

Live Tiles


The Portable Story

For the HTML/Javascript Developer

the Web Authentication Broker

Text to speech

Choose your Windows Phone XAML app model


Type and text handling

Theme resources


Geolocation and Geofencing

Localizing Apps

Multitasking and Background tasks

Application Data

the Background Media Player

Using the Credential Locker

App packaging with appx

Introducing Bluetooth LE

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  1. revathi

    How to add an image on the commandbar and on tapping the image which is on the commandbar should make the icons access which is in the commandbar.

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