Java 8 and AssertJ support in Awaitility 1.6.0

Awaitility is a library for Java (with extensions for Groovy and Scala) to test asynchonous systems. The 1.6.0 release introduces support for AssertJ assertions as well as better Java 8 support.

Java 8

Let’s say you have a repository for storing User entities called userRepo. You publish a command to your system that gets handled asynchronously and as an outcome a new user is persisted. To test this with Awaitility and lambdas you can do like this:

Where the is method is a standard Hamcrest matcher. The example can be simplified using method references:

If the UserRepository has a method that returns a boolean if the user repository is not empty then the test can be made even simpler:

As you can see a lot of boiler-plate code can be removed when using lambda expressions and method references instead of anonymous inner classes.


New in the 1.6.0 release is also support for assertion libraries other than Hamcerst. One of these libraries are AssertJ but Fest Assert or standard JUnit assertions will work as well. To do this you can supply a Runnable to the until method in Awaitility that does the job of asserting. Since Runnable is a functional interface in Java 8 it becomes quite nice to use:

assertThat in this example is statically imported from the AssertJ library.

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  1. The examples aren’t in the HTML at all.

    1. Something probably went wrong when Jayway updated to a new version of WordPress or moved it to another server. I’ve fixed it now, thanks for pointing out.

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