Slow performing Chrome browser on windows 8.1

A little tip if you, like me, are experience the chrome browser as sluggish and close to non working. I first started to notice that when you type in text in text boxes it feels like an 80-ties movie… you could almost hear the beeping sound as each character appear on the screen long after typing it. Looking closer I noticed more special effects. Selecting from drop-downs halted chrome completely for several second and opening new tabs was sluggish.

First I tried removing all the extension, one by one, thinking it was something misbehaving, but no luck. So I started to do the usual searching and found others having the same problem – at least I wasn’t alone. Finally I stumbled upon a tip to remove the hardware acceleration and after a restart i got the performance back! Success!  You’ll find this in settings. Way down there us an “advanced settings” link. Opening that and scrolling all the way down you will find a checkbox that says “Use hardware acceleration when available”. Uncheck and restart 

There is one drawback I have found, WebGL will no longer work, but that’s what I’ve found so far. I haven’t found out why it is like this but it’s a known issue and it has been there since version 36 (I’m now at 38). I guess it’s not prioritized since not everyone is experiencing it and it’s on Windows 8.1. I would imagine that it’s the combination of Chrome, graphics driver and Windows 8.1. However, there is no other software that is experiencing this Adobe for example have no problem using acceleration.

Maybe it’s time to drop Chrome browser and move over to something else. I could go with both IE and Firefox more permanently, they both seem perfectly OK with my hardware including WebGL :)


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  1. Eyal

    I have the same issue on my Windows 7.
    It’s something with chrome.
    I’d suggest un-check the “continue running background apps…” as well.

    1. Håkan Reis

      Thnk’s. I’ll check into that as well :)

  2. Davor

    Thanks Håkan,
    You saved my day :-)
    I switched to Firefox because of slow Chrome.

  3. Surya Kiran

    Thank you so much!

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