First impression of Microsoft Band – using


Band is a fitness/information watch/wrist wearable that  Microsoft has put on the market. First to use the Band you need to install the Microsoft Health app. This is where the first hurdle appears, that app is not available in my region (Sweden). To solve this one has to change the phone region restart the phone, install the app , change back to my original region and restart the phone again.

The next hurdle is that the app wants my height and weight in US format. What is kg in lbs and cm in feet and inches? Luckily there are many converters online so its easy to find out but still the app should handle this. I found under menu Preferences one can change this. Perhaps it will be correct when Microsoft Health is released in the Swedish region so the right format is displayed at first start up.

Microsoft Health app:

I don’t really like the design of the Microsoft Health app. It has a hamburger menu on top left and band settings on top right, that not how too design Windows Phone apps. I guess that is the downside of having an app look the same on all plattforms. The app is not that big so why isn’t it design native? Do over Microsoft! Contentwise the app works great fast and fluid. Shows the info you want in a good way.

Wearing the Band:

After a couple of hours usage it feels a little uncomfortable. I have quite small wrists and it to big. I´m using a medium size Band so perhaps a size small would fit better but the screen is the same and it’s a little bulky. It should be curved around the wrist for better fit, hopefully some future version will have a better feel. After a days use it feels quite ok. Light weight, easy to use. Already I feel like this is something I want to use every day. On the good side is  that I don’t need to check the phone for new social updates etc but on the bad side is that I’m checking pulse, step counter etc all the time. Perhaps it will fade when the new thing sensation has faded but I’m not so sure.


All in all it’s a great product. If you do sports/training I think it’s a must have. But also for other people its quite nice and gives fun information about your movements. Plus you don’t need to pick up your phone from your pocket because you get the notifications on the Band instead. It feel a little bulky at first but for me I quickly got used to it and now it feel quite ok. I would be better if the screen was curved but that is for next version I hope.

Stay tuned for the next blog post: First impression of Microsoft Band developing

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  1. Robert Hedgate

    As a helper note for non US (English?) users. To get mail to sync to the band the phone language must be English. No idea why and hopefully this will change when (if ever) the Band goes worldwide. All other apps are syncing with phone language set to Swedish but not mail, which is the most essential thing.

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