Windows Phone 8.1 Tile Icon Size Guide

To do an app right, you should include icons of all sizes and all scaling levels, to optimize package size and get the right resolutions for each device. Did you know that the Windows (Phone) Store will only download the assets needed for your device? If not you can read about packaging and bundles in my previous post Windows Phone 8.1 for developers – App packaging with appx.

Printable PDF: Windows Phone 8.1 Tile Size Guide

So, what are the icon sizes needed? Don’t worry, you can easily see that in the manifest designer in Visual Studio.


However, they people generating icons are not often the guys running Visual Studio! And bing:ing the web only finds either the icon sizes for Windows 8.1 apps, or tile design guidelines for Windows Phone 8, without the latest sizes. (yes, the More Information link seen in the screenshot does not contain the sizes either – it links to the Windows sized, not Phone).

But look no further – here is the full list of tile icon sizes for Windows Phone 8.1.

Icon name




Square 71×71 Logo 170×170 99×99 71×71
Square 150×150 Logo 360×360 210×210 150×150
Wide 310×150 Logo 744×360 434×210 310×150
Square 44×44 Logo 106×106 62×62 44×44
Store Logo 120×120 70×70 50×50
Badge Logo 58×58 33×33 24×24
Splash Screen 1152×1920 672×1120 480×800


For tips on how to generate these images, please refer to Optimize images for different screen resolutions.

Keep in mind that Visual Studio will postfix your images with the scaling level, so just name them so that you know which image is which, and they will be automatically renamed when added as visual assets.


Now go write those apps! Just remember to make pretty icons Smile

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    1. Andreas Hammar

      Thanks Mattias!
      Added a printable PDF too, mostly because I want it on my own wall.

    1. Andreas Hammar

      Thanks Pekka,

      Please note though that you should probably redesign your tiles for the different sizes – a detailed logo is not suitable for the sub-50px sizes

  1. Maxim

    I’ve built a small lib for generation of icons for different mobile platforms.

    1. Santhakumar Nithyanantham

      Hi Maxim Kott,

      I checked your converted tool really good, But how to found the windows phone app icon sizes and guideline?
      I need a help for windows mobile app icons size and original guideline.
      Any you have a link? Please will share with me. And can you explain scale 100, Scale 140 and Scale 240 .

  2. John

    Great article, but I have a stupid question here… which one of those is the icon for the Windows Phone menu?

    1. Andreas Hammar

      The three first one are for the live tiles, on the start menu. Which “menu” do you mean?

      1. Fabrício

        I don’t know which menu he meant but I’d like to know which one is the icon that apears on the list of apps installed. Thanks in advance.

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