Getting fresh content in Pocket

I sometimes Pocket interesting web pages in order to read them at a later occasion. Shorter articles or blog posts I often read directly on the laptop or phone, but longer ones I put in Pocket and sync to and read on my Kobo e-book reader, which is much more pleasant when reading for longer periods.

This works great when reading blog posts and articles, which don’t change often after publication. However, when pocketing for example readme pages on GitHub, Wikipedia pages or similar pages that change frequently you often get old content. Sometimes years old, which isn’t exactly what you want when reading documentation for for example a software library.

Just as an example: When I today (April 4, 2015) add the Wikipedia page for RabbitMQ to Pocket, by opening the page in Chrome and clicking the button from the Pocket Chrome extension, I get a page that seems to date from May 5, 2012. This is easy to spot since it says “Stable release 2.8.2 / April 30, 2012; 5 days ago”. For other pages it might not be so easy to recognize that you’re reading outdated content.

I did report this to Pocket, but it seems like it hasn’t been prioritized just yet. Fortunately, there is a workaround that isn’t too much trouble. Instead of just clicking the Pocket button:

1. Open or the Chrome Pocket app, which I believe is the same thing.
2. Log in, if you aren’t logged in already.
3. Delete the article, if you already added it.
4. Use a URL shortener, like, to produce a new URL to the original page.
5. Click the plus icon to the upper left in the Pocket app.
6. Paste in the new URL to the page you want to pocket.
7. Voilà, the article is added and now has fresh content.

I now always go through these extra steps when I want to pocket something that I know changes from time to time. I don’t know if this problem goes away with Pocket Premium, because I haven’t tried it, at least not yet. Perhaps someone reading this knows?

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