Microsoft Band design template

I have experimented and used a Microsoft band the last few weeks I needed a good template for creating mock-up. But since I couldn’t find any I thought I would instead create one and share with you.
The template consist of the watch/band face and a few templates for the content.
First off is a main tile with some text and icons:

MSBand - Main

Next up is a set of application tiles

MSBand - Tiles

And last is the the actual application design with a basic layout

MSBand - App

I will try to add more into this template as I get time to work on it and as I go along with my wearables design work. Feel free to dowload the zipped Photoshop PSD file and start creating.

I added the new Band 2 templates in a new post.
Have fun // Håkan

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    1. Håkan Reis

      I’m planning to do that, just haven’t gotten the time for it :)

  1. Sam

    Great work !
    Would love to see a Band2 template ;)

  2. Thomas Sebastian Jensen

    Any news about a psd template for Band 2?

    1. Håkan Reis

      In place now :) Enjoy

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