Design assets for Android Wear, Microsoft Band and Apple Watch

Below I have compiled a list of assets needed to design for wearables and also some legal considerations and culprits.

A few weeks ago the UX team at Jayway had a competence day around wearables, specifically Android Wear, Microsoft Band and the Apple Watch. We started out by reading up on the different design principles (linked below). After that we selected a service or an idea and started sketching for the various platforms.
At the end of the day we all had a few ideas and sketches. For fun I wanted to take the sketches to visual mock-ups and started searching design assets and this is what I came up with:

Android wear

This is by far the most complete set of assets. There are guidelines, samples, Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch files. You can find fonts and shapes. They really offer it all. Well done Google! It’s almost overwhelming so I tried to collect the most important links here:

Android wear design guidelines

Android wear design assets

Microsoft Band

Apart from two good guides on PDF with lots of design details there isn’t much more assets around. So I created a Microsoft Band Photoshop Template for you to use with watch face and different tiles and layouts. I also included the links to the guides:

Microsoft band design guidelines

Microsoft band SDK documents

My Microsoft band design assets

Apple watch

There are lots of useful assets around, watch faces, fonts and templates for all the controls and in bothPhotoshop and Sketch format. And it’s easy to get started. The templates are really complete and well designed. Here are the links to the various places:

Apple watch design guidelines

Apple watch design assets


Going forward there are a few annoyances. It was easy to read up on guidelines and principles but when it comes to design assets there are licensing issues.

Google are doing it the right way. They are licensing all stuff under Creative Commons, just download whats need and get started.

Microsofts guidelines and stuff was ok, use my template if you need it for the designing. But then comes the Segoe font, license only permit you to use on windows, and it can’t be purchased. But I have heard it can be installed on other systems.

For Apple it’s a bit more complicated, you aren’t allowed to download templates without a developer account and the San Francisco font license is as Microsoft – only on Apple systems. However, even if you stretch the rules, there is something in the OTF file so it can’t to be installed on a Windows, I’ve heard…

So to do multiplatform design legally, I need Windows and OS X system and be a registered Apple developer. Apple and Microsoft should look more at Google.

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