Looking back at the conference, From Business to Buttons, 2015.

I had a really great feeling before the conference and they really delivered more than what I expected.
Looking back, the overall experience was very good and I hope that I can participate again next year!
Now 6 months later when I look back att the conference I still smile when i’m thinking about Mike Monterio.
And my brain goes wild thinking about the cool stuff with sensors that Avi Itzkovitch talked about.
So here are my favorites that i won’t forget. Enjoy!



Favorite #1:
Mike Monterio (@monteiro)
13 ways designers screw up client presentations

Keynotes from the session:

Mike gave us a good laugh and some valuable lessons. I will definitely watch this over and over again and scream “My cockpit!” and “I am not my work, My work is not me!”

Here come Mike´s 7 advices.

  • You are not there to be the clients friend. Stand up for your skills and expertise.
  • Not getting off your ass. Take lead for what you do.
  • Not setting the stage properly (meetings). Why are we here and what will we achieve.
  • Give the related tour. You don´t sell your presented mockup. You sell everything around it.
  • Getting defensive. Listen to feedback.
  • Reacting on questions. What is a question and what is an request.
  • Asking “do you like it”. Then you sold your soul

Check it out! https://youtu.be/niLVvoxhs5g

Good quote:
“I am not my work, My work is not me!”



Favorite #2:
Karen McGrane (@karenmcgrane)
Content in a zombie apocalypse

Keynotes from the session:

What is the next big thing? Is it Smart-TV, In-car devices or audio interfaces?
How do we respond to them all and their different sizes? How do we handle the content that need to be flexible along to its container? It´s time for us all to reflect on that and decide what to do and how our company will handle it.

Wearables – It´s here, but are we sure how to create the best interface for them?
What happens if we think audio interface? Where can we go with that and how?

All these questions inspires me and my mind really start working on new ideas.
I love it, watch it! https://youtu.be/T-xjTD7D3uo

Funny quote:
“Google glass is like a segway for your face”



The inspirer:
Avi Itzkovitch (@xgmedia)
Designing with sensors: Creating adaptive experiences

Keynotes from the session:
In the past we thought that we needed DNA to identify our self. Today we know that´s not true.
Today we have devices on our self that can identify us and give us a service if we allow it.
But are we using it? No… Why? Aren´t we ready yet?

On a Wikipedia page you can find all these sensors that we can use to create these futuristic features.
Time to start thinking! How do we handle this in the future? Passive devices? Services we allow and subscribe to? This is very inspiring!

Can we apply these to products? Yes we can. Meet Alba, the world´s first responsive lightbulb.
Check it out (stacklighting.com)!

Avi also mentioned profiling by an email address.
How we could create a profile of a person with an API search through the internet and creating a profile by content from Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter a.s.o. First thought, scary. But why? We just collect the information that is out there. But we need to beware of the fine balance here.

Okey, do you want to take this further? Check out this Facebook group, “Designing with sensors” and you should definitely watch this. https://youtu.be/qFZ8wN6qRjE

Good quote:
“Adaptive design is a contextual meaning for life. What i want, When i need it, in my immediate context.”


The surprise:
Pamela Pavliscak (@paminthelab)
The science of happy design

Keynotes from the session:
How do we create happiness and a happy experience?

I have never thought about it but i like it. Happy design, a happy experience.
What is it that motivate us to feel joy or happiness? Pamela guides you thru some studies and brings out a smile on everyone. An insight from the session. The three worst things that could happen to a user (with a device) today are; No wifi icon, the spinner and the low batteri icon. These are annoying and stressful.

A session to enjoy! https://youtu.be/KCoerLE5HcI

Good quote:
“Pleasure + Purpose = Happiness”



Thx for a great conference and it was really fun to hang out with some “UX colleagues” and discuss the frontier of our work.

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