Apps on Windows 10 – intro and deep dive

I’ve just had the honor of presenting both the intro and the deep dive session on Universal app (UWP) development for Windows 10 at TechDays Sweden. Lots of good questions from an interested audience, thank you all who attended.

All session were recorded, I’ll update this post with the videos as they become available. (note: in Swedish)

Update: sessions now available on channel 9
session recording – intro
session recording – deep dive

Here I share with you the slides and code demos from the two sessions, and while I have your attention also a check list for getting started with apps on Windows 10. I’ve earlier told you about the broad strokes of app development for Windows 10, this list is more hands on.

Check list

– Read the Guide to Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps
– Create a responsive UI with visual states and AdaptiveTrigger (use Blend!)
– Learn about the XAML RelativePanel for easy UI reshuffling
– Use device family extension SDKs and ApiInformation to do feature detection
– Handle back navigation using SystemNavigationManager
– Handle navigation state on suspend using Frame.GetNavigationState
– Check NotificationExtensions for easy live tile/toast creation

Apps on Windows 10 – intro – slides
Apps on Windows 10 – intro – code
Apps on Windows 10 – deep dive – slides
Apps on Windows 10 – deep dive – code

Bye for now!

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