Trainee Program

Just over two months have now passed since we joined the Trainee Program at Jayway. During this time we have all gained many new experiences, including a workshop at the office in Stockholm, one K-helg, a few fun fixers and we’ve also participated in several K-halvdagar. During these events, we’ve had the opportunity to not only meet but also work with several of our talented colleagues here at Jayway. Along with these activities, we have, with the help of our supervisor Albin Theander, extended our knowledge in web development, which is the main focus of the program. Albin has guided us through the jungle that is web frameworks and JavaScript libraries.

The program entails an iterative development process, from concept and design to an interactable and lovable web application. Since learning was the main focus of the project, most of the code was written from scratch. The only library we used was jQuery. To achieve the irregular grid of photos, which we defined in our graphical design, we used the framework Masonry. The development process was divided into sprints with demos in the end of each sprint. The programming stories in each sprint were broken down into three categories, namely HTML, CSS and JavaScript. To steer us through these fairly unknown territories, we are thankful for the workshops that were held by some of our talented and experienced colleagues at Jayway.


Besides working on the web application as a team, we lead an individual project each, which allows us to direct our focus in whichever way we wish, in order to achieve our own specific goals or learn a certain framework we’ve had our eyes on. And thanks to both our supervisor, but also our mentors and consulting managers, we’ve been given an extraordinary opportunity to evolve as IT consults and become a part of Jayway.

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