Microsoft Band 2 design template

Finally got around and updated the Band template for the Band 2 (my original Band 1 template is still around). Apart from the obvious update to the design, addition of gorilla glass and the added sensor there is of course some update to the screen. The size has gone up from 320×106 to 320×128. When it comes to placing stuff, it’s close to the same and the biggest benefit is that you can fit a bit more content when scrolling and that the interaction is a bit better with the larger screen.

So the new look is as follows:

The main screen


The application tiles


The application screen

And of course you can download the Zipped photoshop PSD file file here.

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  1. Thanks so much for these useful files! One small request: Is it possible to save a version that does not use Layer Sets (for band1 and band2)? I’m editing with Photoshop Elements and it doesn’t really support Sets.

    1. To respond to my own question, there are 3rd party custom “Actions” that can be downloaded for Photoshop Elements which allow layer sets to be ungrouped… so that is another good option.

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