Resources from: 1″ to 100″ – design for all screens seminar

This is a post for those that attended my seminar in November and now in April. It’s more as mental notes for you to refresh your memory but at the end there is some resources regarding strategies, so I added those here:

The interesting thing here is that these things are never static, so it’s always good to get back and re-read stuff. A few things has been added/updated:

  • Google added a sixth strategy – position. About how things move around when you change screen size.
  • Microsoft has cleaned up resources so it’s a bit easier to find – the URL is finally readable “..layout/design-and-ui-intro” instead of “1253fdg.aspx”
  • Both have added information regarding break points where you go from small to medium handset, tablet etc.
  • Apple added a very first basic strategy,but really, it’s the same – Be great in each environment..

A lot of good stuff. And for some more in depth thoughts around cards I’ll share a couple more links:

And of course my slides as a PDF, sorry ´- no animations :)

From 1″ to 100″ – How to design responsive apps for all screens

Updated: Just have to add this link, long post but well worth reading, about designing Microsoft Office for mobile:

Design Explosions #4: Office Mobile

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