Android Custom Button

Have you ever wished you hade a better button option? A button with a better layout? Look no further :)

Creating a custom button!

It is actually really really easy to make a custom button. Just take a FrameLayout and add a predefined style from the android system we can make this FrameLayout looking like a button.

There are 4 nice styles to start with:

  • Widget.AppCompat.Button
  • button_style_button
  • Widget.AppCompat.Button.Colored
  • button_style_button_colored
  • Widget.AppCompat.Button.Borderless
  • button_style_button_borderless
  • Widget.AppCompat.Button.Borderless.Colored
  • button_style_button_borderless_colored

    So our FrameLayout would look like this after adding the Widget.AppCompat.Button style:

    And that is pretty much it. But lets look at some examples just for fun!

    Button with icon


    You have to set the text style as well to android:attr/textAppearanceButton on the TextView.

    Button with switch


    You can listen to the button click like this:

    Or just get the switch status when onClick in the button occurs.

    Button with spinner

    We can pretty much create any kind of button we like. Here is one with a spinner.

    Pretty easy right?

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